About Electronic Health Records (EHR)

An EHR that adapts to your unique style of practice

We are proud to offer the most customizable EHR solution for the healthcare industry. You now have a great opportunity to take control over your exams and patient flow more efficiently. You can customize databases, exam screens, workflows, rules, and health reports. You can also browse the patients, their family histories, sort patients' calls from home, order tests and follow-up with just an easy click.

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Healthyyy EHR:

Designed by Doctors

Healthyyy was designed by our professional team of doctors. We are proud to present a powerful yet easy-to-use technology.

Starts in minutes, not days

Healthyyy is a cloud-based solution, so you don't need a software to download and hardware to install. After signing up, you just create a login, give some basic info and your EHR is ready to start.

All the support you need

Healthyyy was designed to be intuitive. But we also want to ensure you succeed from the start, so we will provide you with a devoted Success Coach.

Product functions


Easy Dashboard

Enjoy the intuitional dashboard, task lists, and bespoke multi-resource calendar.


Simple Charting

Explore how quick and easy it can be to make patient encounter notes.


Easy e-Prescribing

Electronic prescribing is a great way to save time and get rid of phone calls.


Convenient eLabs

Providing support in sales, marketing, and personnel training to increase productivity.


Electronic Superbills

Fill out and send a thorough superbill in just several easy clicks.


Easy Patient Portal

Enjoy a great way to share vital medical and billing info and to connect with patients.


Secure Messaging

Send messages to anybody in your practice, your biller or billing team, and to your patients.


ICD-10 Ready

We will instruct you and your practice on a successful ICD-10 transition.


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    Virtual Assistant

    Healthyyy EHR is a first virtual assistant which offers practicing doctors a powerful tool for delivering high-quality medical care. It can show the account balance, patient progress, routing card, or patient history.

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    Healthyyy telemedicine solution is totally integrated into KZL, providing patients with high-quality office visits from the comfort of their own home. A Virtual Room improves the conventional office visits.

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    Revenue Cycle Management

    Healthyyy includes a number of fresh features for Revenue Cycle Management, consisting of patient insurance acceptability, collections, credentialing, and analytics. We offer a selection of RCM solutions.

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    Connected Office

    By optimizing working processes and providing flexible and customizable solutions for their documentation needs, Healthyyy helps to perform our vision of a bound office, where suppliers, patients, and technology are totally and seamlessly integrated.

We offer EHR solutions in the following platforms:


Customer stories


Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Medical Group

“We found the system customization to be highly intuitive. Healthyyy helps to provide patients with the best medical care possible and offers useful tools to reduce time spent on charting between visits allowing focusing on patient care.”

December 15, 2021


Freeda Freeman

Marketing Director at Ad Hospital.

"The reason I love the system is the easiness of reporting. Now, I can be in my home or office and see my laboratory tests results, encounters, and visit notes at any time and from any device. Thanks a lot for such a great app!"

October 28, 2021

Elizabeth Smith

Director of Media at Legal Company

“Quantum is a reliable and professional company that applies high technology and creates exclusive programs for the clients. We highly appreciate this approach and will definitely continue our fruitful cooperation with them.”

October 28, 2021



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