• How do I transfer my patient data into Healthyyy?

    For charged users, our crew of specialists will transfer your patient data at no extra cost. Just export the list of patients to Excel, and we will take care of everything so that you can start using our system faster.
  • Are there any implementation fees?

    No. Implementation is free for our customers. Paid clients get an implementation package tailored to their plan. All packages comprise personalized training, bespoke template building, and a 1-hour kick-off call.
  • What hardware do I need and what are the hardware requirements?

    Healthyyy is compatible with such web browsers as Apple's Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Firefox. It is not compatible only with Internet Explorer. Compatible Software for Healthyyy iPad EHR, Healthyyy iPhone EMR, Healthyyy patient check-in, Healthyyy outpatient, Healthyyy ICD9 + HCPCS: Apple's iOS 8. You can operate Healthyyy on your laptop (PC or Mac), desktop (PC or Mac), or iPad.
  • Is Healthyyy Meaningful Use certified?

    Yes, Healthyyy is certified for both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.
  • How long does the implementation take?

    The implementation time highly depends on our customers; our most concerned customers are usually implemented within several weeks. Our platform includes e-prescriptions, text messages, electronic billing, scheduling, claims status reports, and more. Our paid users are also provided with an account manager and personal training. 
  • Can I build my own custom forms? Will you build my forms for me?

    We advise our clients to choose Healthyyy clinical forms which are similar to their old paper forms. If you are a paid user, our implementation specialists can create a variety of custom forms specially for your practice and meeting your needs and requirements. In addition, you can create your own ones with the help of our Template Builder.
  • Can I share forms I build with other doctors?

    Yes, of course. You have an opportunity to share each form you build by just uploading your custom forms to our Template Library accessible for everyone.
  • Do you have a speech to text?

    Yes, we have a medical speech to text. Our product is specialized and adjusts to your accent and speaking features to rewrite your words precisely into your clinical notes.

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