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Direct Ortho Care - Orthopedic Urgent Care

Direct Ortho Care (DOC) improved the level of digitizing their workflow and EHR. With Healthyyy EHR, DOC has got an opportunity to expand with the help of the flexible and scalable software to satisfy their needs.


Zumedic- Mobile Medicine

Zumedic provides health care at 16 medical ventures with 15 experienced doctors and practitioners. Healthyyy EHR has helped them in providing the best care possible, offering tools to reduce time spent on charting betwixt office visits and focus more on patient care.  


Gilbert Robertson - Ophthalmology

Dr. Gilbert Robertson from Retina OC has used Healthyyy technology for his ophthalmology practice. Now he fully understands the process from patient check-ins to payments.


Sam Brown MD, MBBS, BS - Internist

Sam Brown has been long practicing in New York as an Internist. When he began using the Healthyyy EHR, he saw a significant improvement in patient interaction.


Elizabeth Smith MD - Gastroenterology

Dr. Elizabeth Smith, MD an Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology from Chicago, IL, talks about the numerous advantages of using the Healthyyy EHR in a medical setting.


Dr. Jack Anderson DPM

Dr. Jack Anderson, DPM, previously working at The Foot and Ankle Institute of San Diego, talks about how he digitized medical practice with iPads, MACs, and an EHR platform.



Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Medical Group

“We found the system customization to be highly intuitive. Healthyyy helps to provide patients with the best medical care possible and offers useful tools to reduce time spent on charting between visits allowing focusing on patient care.”

December 15, 2021


Freeda Freeman

Marketing Director at Ad Hospital.

"The reason I love the system is the easiness of reporting. Now, I can be in my home or office and see my laboratory tests results, encounters, and visit notes at any time and from any device. Thanks a lot for such a great app!"

October 28, 2021

Elizabeth Smith

Director of Media at Legal Company

“Quantum is a reliable and professional company that applies high technology and creates exclusive programs for the clients. We highly appreciate this approach and will definitely continue our fruitful cooperation with them.”

October 28, 2021

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